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Official Launch

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Greetings and salutations dancers and dance lovers! Yes? No? Okay then.

We finally have the website up and running. A project that has taken us a little more than a year. No one ever really captures the true meaning of struggling to make your dreams come true. They may try to explain, empathize even when you are in the thick of it but you just have to go through the process. No shortcuts. To fight through the pain, learn from mistakes, push through the obstacles and never lose sight of your goal no matter what. That's what people say right?

Dancers, you get it.

People mostly see the finished product. The lit choreography, that precisely edited dance video, the dance performance that drove the crowd wild. What they don't see is, the long hours, dancing through the pain and fatigue, various challenges and obstacles that had to be overcome.

Nothing good comes easy. We all agree. We also can't just do great things all on our lonesome.

Enter Dance254; We understand how vital a community is in articulating and executing a vision. Our desire and goal is to build a thriving community of artists that serves as an environment that will allow dancers to collaborate as well as learn from each other through mentorship and apprenticeship. Ultimately, we aspire to have dancers earn a living from their craft and address the various challenges they encounter in the industry.

That's what we are here for guys! Our heart beats for dance and dancers. All we want is to:


Come join us on this journey as we work together to ensure dance in Kenya grows in vibrancy and reaches its full potential. Excited? We definitely are.

Watch out for a future blog post where we will take stock of our 2016.

Till Next Time, Keep Dancing To The Rhythm of Your Heart.

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